Todd Mitchell's
Training Facilities

Gear Room3


Our 8ft deep bungee swimming pool is located behind the main training barn. It is a great training aid for horses with leg problems or just a change in routine.


The 1999 Nissan Diesel was purchased from Inter-Island Horse Transport four years ago. It holds seven horses and has a large gear compartment and is equipped to carry race sulkies. The licence plate, HOSDIN, is in recognition of Mitchell’s 1999 New Zealand Cup win behind Homin Hosed.


The 800-metre sand based training track is well maintained and within 100-metres of the barn.


Are well maintained and surround the track and main training barn. They all have individual paddocks with the exception of pairs in the larger paddocks.

Boxes & Barn

We have eight spacious, fully covered boxes outside the main training barn, with four more inside.

The main barn consists of the feed and gear rooms, coffee room, four cross ties with wash down facilities and four other standing ties. The outside barn (or shoeing barn) is used mainly by the farrier and has three cross ties and numerous standing ties along the outside rail.

Both barns are equipped with high pressure hoses for wash down at the end of training.

Beach Training

Todd Mitchell has easy access to Raglan Beach where a number of stable runners are exercised.

Todd’s father Robert is based in Raglan and this beach was the training track for legendary back-to-back New Zealand Cup winner Just An Excuse.

Todd gained plenty of experience beach-training horses when working for his father Robert—and they were commuting horses regularly from Cambridge to Raglan—for training.

A number of Waikato trainers regularly use Raglan Beach.